This is an ALPHA feature and not testing.

Running in a container allows one to test expliot without installation of all dependencies locally. You have to build the image by yourself but it’s as fast as downloading it from a registry.


Check that the docker` daemon is running or ``podman is present.

$ sudo systemctl start docker

podman doesn’t has a daemon. It’s enough if the binary is installed.

Build process

Make sure that your are in the root of your expliot folder. Start the build process for the images.

$ sudo docker build -t expliot -f container/Dockerfile .

Or with podman:

$ podman build -t expliot -f container/Dockerfile .

Consider to use --no-cache if you are teeaking the settings for your needs.


Run it with docker:

$ sudo docker run -it expliot

Or with podman:

$ podman run -it expliot

If the container is started up you will get the prompt ef>.


Keep in mind that there are some limitation when it comes to interacting with physical hardware from within a container. Thus, at the moment this topic is considered for advanced users only.