Plugins/Test cases

The framework consists of various plugins which are either exploits or for recon, analysis, etc. Each plugin executes a specific test case. These test cases are the basis of automation of security/regression testing for IoT products and infrastructure. The name of a plugin, as seen on the framework’s console, is a unique identifier (ID) which identifies the plugin’s capabilities and the target.

Plugin IDs

The plugins are identified and categorized using their IDs and have a specific format. The IDs are unique within the framework. They are comprised of three components.

  • Protocol or the technology it targets.

  • Product that it targets.

  • Name of the of the plugin itself that describes its action.

The format of the ID is technology.product.plugin_name.

For example, the ID of the BLE scanner plugin is ble.generic.scan. Since it is a generic BLE scanner and not specific to any BLE product, the product component of the ID is generic.